Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Takes Perhaps The Most Selfless Selfie Of All Time (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift posted for a selfie with a fan.

Taylor may have taken the most selfless selfie we've ever seen!

Shocking nobody, Taylor Swift has elevated the selfie arts to a level previously believed to be impossible. The "Sweeter Than Fiction" singer somehow managed to leap past the whole "selfies are sooooooo self-indulgent" stigma by taking them with her fans! It's a communal selfie! Now that's what we call music WINNING!

Ugh, so effing jealz about this lucky fan's photographic memento capturing the time she momentarily nuzzled cheeks with Taylor. If it were our picture, we'd either encase it in bulletproof glass, or alter our family crest so that this glorious moment would now be at its center -- or both. But hey, it's not our picture. #TheLoudestPouts

Seen here at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards on Sunday night, Taylor Swift once again proves that her flawlessness reaches mind-boggling heights! More perplexing, however, is the fact that she was photographed photographing herself. Buh, maybe we're not quite mentally ready for #MetaMonday yet.

Anyway, the noted cat enthusiast didn't simply look like a winner last night; her song "I Knew You Were Trouble" took home the YouTube Phenomenon honor at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards! Talk about Tay's total transatlantic domination! No, seriously, please talk about it. We're not ready to stop talking about how much we worship Taylor Swift. Please...?

Photo credit: Getty Images