Katy Perry Gets Caught In A Passionate Robot Embrace, Insert 'Cybering' Joke Here (PHOTO)

Check out this photo of Katy Perry getting cozy with a giant robot!

Katy Perry seems really attracted to this enormous robot, don't you think?

Ummmm, so hey, apparently Katy Perry is way into "cybering"! Or at least that's the caption she posted along with the above photo of herself getting borderline felt up by an enormous silver robot. Hey, even non-feeling, metal robots can't help but cop a feel of Katy's "California Gurls"! (#BoobPunz)

Still bouncing around through Asia (only this time without her new boy band BFFs, One Direction), the "Unconditionally" singer found herself in what looks like a rousing "cyber sesh" while in the firm grasp of  "Transformers"-style silver robot.

Truth be told, we kinda thought "cybering" flew out the door with AOL chat rooms (a/s/l?) and  *NSYNC''s "Digital Get Down"-era. And, judging by Katy's rather shocked expression, we think that's probably where it should stay. (File under: "We never want to hear the question 'wanna cyber?' again. EVER.")

Or maybe she and IRL boyfriend John Mayer like to keep things interesting? FaceTime make-outs? Skype stripteases? (Aaaaaaand we should probably stop before we veer into inappropriate "use your imagination" territory.)

Photo credit: @KatyPerry