10 *NSYNC Moments We Hope Occurred At Chris Kirkpatrick's Wedding (GIFs)

*NSYNC reunited at Chris Kirkpatrick's wedding!

Mazel tov on getting married, Chris Kirkpatrick!

If you completely lost it when *NSYNC reunited at the 2013 MTV VMAs, then you probably went bananas after seeing the guys reunite again this past weekend at Chris Kirkpatrick's wedding!

Yep, in addition to attending the wedding itself, JC, Justin, Lance, and Joey all helped out as Chris' ushers. (I.e., Backstreet's Back!! Haha, just kidding. You can take a joke, right? RIGHT?)

Gathered together for Chris' wedding to longtime lady Karly Skladany, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake (and his wife Jessica Biel!), and JC Chasez posed for some lovely looking wedding photos at Loews Hote in Orlando, Fla.

Obviously, seeing this reunion/wedding picture is making us think everything from "AW CUUUUTE" to "TELL US MORE STUFF ABOUT THE *NSYNC REUNION." And even if we can't know everything that happened at the wedding, we could just play "use your imagination."

Because you know *NSYNC can't just hang out like normal ex-coworkers -- there's too much history! If there is a God, then one of these 10 *NSYNC moments had to have occurred at Chris Kirkpatrick's wedding.

1.) Upon seeing each other, Lance and Chris fell right back into their late-'90s bromance.


2.) JC called an impromptu team meeting, and everyone agreed to let Chris take center stage this time.


3.) But that didn't stop them from dancing in a crooked line formation one last time.


4.) OK, OK, two more times.


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5.) During the ceremony, JC took a flying leap in front of the alter -- for old time's sake!


6.) Not to be outdone, Justin made his entrance by vaulting over a wall and expertly landing on all fours.


7.) That made everyone else a little mad.


8.) "Whoops, my bad, y'all," said a sheepish Justin. "Here, just eat this" said Jessica Biel, who distracted Justin with a fresh wad of strawberry bubblegum.


9.) In response, Chris immediately sprouted new braids and gave Justin a dead-eyed stare. "It's all good, bro. Let's just get MARRIED!"


10. "YEEEAHHHHH!!!" exclaimed the rest of *NSYNC before embarking on their honeymoon in a Joey Fatone-drawn sleigh. (Oh, you thought Chris' new wife was coming to the North Pole? HA! Good one.)


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Photo credit: Fame/Flynet/ GIFs: eonline.com, jjb.yuku, gifsoup, nsyncgifs, chirpster