We'll Take 10 Pounds Of These One Direction Potatoes (PHOTO)

One Direction as potatoes.

Who's in the mood for a bowl of One Direction potato salad?

Over the course of the last few years, you've seen One Direction turned into dolls, wax statues, toothbrushes, onesies, and every other conceivable product. But we can probably guarantee that you've never seen One Direction as -- wait for it -- potatoes. Until now, that is.

In honor of the upcoming 1D Day (Nov. 23 -- MARK YOUR CALENDARS), the guys have been super active on Twitter, asking their fans to enter a "#1DDayLookalikes challenge." And, instead of creating an identical drawing of the five Brits, one brilliant fan actually drew the boys on to five ordinary potatoes. Which, obviously, now makes them far less ordinary.

Apparently the "Story Of My Life" singers were equally impressed at their fan's potato-drawing skills, as they posted a photo of the starchy contest entry, along with the caption: "#1DFanPicOfTheWeek: How to cheat at the #1DDayLookalikes challenge... (yes it made us laugh) 1DHQ x."

Yeah, those 1D drawings might be a tad crude, but oh MAN are they putting us in the mood for a bowl of One Direction potato salad. Or One Direction potato chips. Or One Direction french fries. Or mashed One Direction potatoes. Yeah, um, we'll take 10 pounds per member, please. Thanks.

Photo credit: @OneDirection