Ariana Grande Tried German Beer In Germany, Thought It Was NOT Vundabar (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande is NOT a fan of German Beer, guys

Ariana Grande seems more like a Chardonnay gal to us.  

Keep calm, Arianators, keep CALM. Yes, Ariana Grande drank German beer in Germany (when in Rome, right?), but before you start creating hashtags about Ariana's illegal alcohol consumption, please remember that it's totally fine -- she's of legal drinking age across the pond!

Not that we'd expect Ariana to go on a German beer binge, or anything -- judging by the "EW, GROSS" look on her face mid-swig, the "Right There" singer straight hated it!

Taking to Instagram to document her German beer experience, Ariana captioned: "Tried German beer in Frankfurt tonight for my first time... Didn't go so well. #NotForMe#ButILoveGermany." I think that roughly translates to "NO VUNDABAR" in German.

Anyway, we're not exactly surprised to learn that German beer isn't the Halloween pro's drink of choice. Didn't Ariana's Ke$ha-penned song, "Pink Champagne," kiiiinda give you the impression that her go-to bevvie skews more toward the girly side? Like, appletinis and cosmos for days? Or maybe her predilection for pink fans and princess dresses gave it away. Yeahhhh, don't expect any Oktoberfests in the future for this mädchen!

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram