In One Direction's Latest 'Story Of My Life' Teaser... Wait, Is Harry Eating A Bowl Of Sausages?

Watch One Direction latest "Story Of My Life" teaser, featuring... a bowl of sausages.

Harry Styles and the curious case of the bowl of sausages.

Only two days remain until One Direction release their "Story Of My Life" video, and they're not letting us forget it. Trailing yesterday's teaser video, the lads unveiled a brand-new "Story Of My Life" promo clip and tweeted video stills, which reveal that -- wait, is Harry eating a bowl of sausages? Why is Harry eating a bowl of sausages? We're unclear on why Harry's eating a bowl of sausages.

Bowl of sausages.

Bowl of sausages.

Bowl of sausages.

Bowl of sausages.

Watch One Direction's "Story Of My Life" teaser video after the jump.

OK, OK, maybe it's just our xenophobic, Americentric world view, and instead of Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal, British children pair their weekend TV binges with a steaming helping of meaty gray links? Or, perhaps the "Best Song Ever" singer is slyly referencing some hater's insult that he should go eat a hot bowl of... bangers in the mouth? Erm, we mean sausages in the mouth. Oh, we forgot we were in the colonies!

Regardless, this is, like, really really ridiculously weird, right? C'mon, Harry, we're concerned. Just put down the #BowlOfSausages, and everything will be OK. You want some chicken fingers? Let's get you some chicken fingers -- with a Reese's peanut butter cup McFlurry on the side for dipping. Atta boy.

+ Watch One Direction's new teaser video, and check out Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis' decidedly non-bowl of sausages-related "Story Of My Life" stills at MTV News.

Photo credit: Syco, Columbia

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