Star Spotting: Ariana Grande Dressed Up As A Sexy Kitten AND A Blood-Soaked Vampire For Halloween, Somehow Nailed Both (PHOTOS)

Check out Ariana Grande's Halloween costumes.

Ariana's sexy kitten costume is the end-all, be-all of sexy kitten costumes. BAI!

Here's a good rule of thumb: Please don't dress up like a sexy kitten UNLESS YOU ARE ARIANA GRANDE! (Exception: Katy Perry with her cat ears. We see you, boo!)

As proven by this photo that the "Right There" singer posted on Instagram, the world's most adorable pop star totally gets away with it because she can somehow werk knee-high socks with little bows on 'em like it's her job. Full-time. Paid vacation. With benefits. 401K. Matching. BAM!

Even more, we love that Ariana was self-aware enough to caption the photo: "...this was my 'stereotypical 20 year old girl in thigh highs and animal ears' costume. Hope y'all had a great 1." Hmmm, does this suggest that she is perhaps serving us a costume within a costume -- a costume-ception, if you will? #meta

Check out photos of Ariana Grande's other Halloween costume after the jump.

Check out Ariana Grande's Halloween costumes.

Next, Ariana serves us burst artery realness. WERK. 

OMFGRAHGHH! Oh, what we meant to say is that it sure was wrong of us to assume that the super sweet "Baby I" singer was going to only go cutesy-cutesy this year. In another Instagram photo, Ari seems to have taken a page out of Demi Lovato's "How To Be Terrifying On Halloween" playbook and dialed up the ferociousness. Also, blood.

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Photo Credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram

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