Lady Gaga's 'Dope' Single Cover Art Is The Last Thing You See Before You Die (PHOTO)

Check out Lady Gaga's unsettling single cover art for "Dope."

...At least she's smiling!

On Thursday, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to not only reveal that her follow-up ARTPOP single to "Do What U Want" would be "Dope," but to unveil the track's cover art as well. Uhhhh, how do we put this... Oh, we know! "When reached for comment, the monster who lurks beneath director Tim Burton's bed had this to say: 'Stahp snatching my wig! Harumph."

But seriously, the song's artwork is terrifying with a capital "BWARGHH." Obviously, the centerpiece on Gaga's masterfully set table of horrors is the grill, which resembles the gum-less teeth of a long-buried skull cast in titanium. (Literally makes Rita Ora's vampire grill look like a "Veggie Tales" Halloween special compared with Mother Monster's, um, literal snuff film of a getup.) Like, that grill still knows what you did last summer, and not even Brandy can save you now. SORRY.

Moving beyond the skeleton grill, we see that the "Venus" songstress has got on a probably Justin Bieber-approved wide-brim black hat, as well as a possible prosthetic attached to her right leg. The prosthetic limbs? They're back, baby!

Notice that crushed velvet-looking fabric draped across her eyes? Do you see KNUCKLES?? Are those HANDS?!?! Is this, like, the bizarro world version of Janet Jackson's iconic Rolling Stone cover from the '90s, or just Gaga's finger-filled "Applause" look taken to the next level? Either way... *crumples into fetal position*

Check out Lady Gaga's terrifying "Dope" single cover art.

Photo credit: Interscope / GIF: T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs