Katy Perry Got Snuggly With One Direction, And If You Need Us, We’ll Be Over Here Sobbing With Envy (PHOTO)

One Direction and Katy Perry snuggle backstage after Katy’s performance at Music Station Japan.

ARE YOU STILL BREATHING? If you are, major mazels for being able to keep it together under such intense conditions! Oh, to what conditions are we referring? Just the above photo of Katy Perry posing with our favorite voluminous-haired boy band, One Direction! (No shade, The Wanted!)

See more photos of Katy Perry and One Direction after the jump.

Meeting backstage after Katy’s performance at Music Station in Japan, all the 1D bros seemed pretty thrilled to be in the presence of  the “Unconditionally” singer, but Niall Horan seemed particularly excited. (I.e., bro looks a little TOO eager to kiss Katy’s cheek.)

Niall actually posted a solo selfie to Instagram with the “Roar” songstress, and then another group photo with the caption: “Me and my groomsmen and my lovely wife hahahaha.” (Well, Katy did kiss Niall at the 2012 VMAs, so maybe he was just reciprocating?)

Anyway, don’t get all mad, #Jaty fans! Although John Mayer’s not pictured above (let’s just say he was off in the corner, presumably wearing a cowboy hat), word on the street is that the other half of our favorite music couple was definitely there, probably on hand to break things up just in case Niall got a smiiiidge too handsy.

Photo credit: Niall Horan’s Instagram/One Direction’s Instagram

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