Star Spotting: We're Not Sure What Justin Bieber's Halloween Costume Was, But It Might Have Been 'Best Big Brother Ever' (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber chills with little brother Jaxon.

Justin Bieber's 'Ween 'stume was obviously "best brother EVER."

With all this talk of celebs' outrageous Halloween getups (Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim, etc.), we realize that Justin Bieber, one of our favorite famous people, was oddly absent from the costume parade. Now, we (kinda) know why! He was busy playing big brother to at least one of his two adorable siblings.

Per the above too-cute-for-words photo that Justin posted on Instagram, we're pretty sure that if JB did dress up last night, it was as "the best big bro EVER." Along with this COMPLETELY adorable photo of the Biebs mid-snuggle with his baby brother, Jaxon (who BTW is full-on cradling Justin's cheek!!!!), the "Recovery" singer captioned: "This is love." WE SEE IT!

GAHHHHH, like, who needs a floppy witch hat and face paint when you can just dress up as "you" being "the best you ever"?? Oh, we guess if JB was really in a pinch for a costume last night, he coulda just whipped his shirt off and said that he was dressed as Arnold Schwarzenegger circa the "Terminator" era. Cheapest Halloween costume, EVAR.

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Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram