Watch Tim Lopez Blend Into The Wall, A Boat, And An Actual Tree In Plain White T’s ‘The Giving Tree’ Video

There’s a lot of sad flora in the Plain White T’s “The Giving Tree” video.

Look, don’t even try to pretend that you don’t have a perma-soft spot for the Plain White T’s’ 2006 hit, Hey There Delilah.

Great, now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll move on to the band’s new video for “The Giving Tree,” which borrows its name from Shel Silverstein’s iconic children’s book, appears on the band’s Should’ve Gone to Bed EP, and is slated to show up on their forthcoming studio album, American Nights, due early 2014.

Watch Plain White T’s “The Giving Tree” video after the jump.

In the gorgeous Jason Koenig-directed video, singer/guitarist Tim Lopez takes on the song’s title and literally morphs into “The Giving Tree,” courtesy of some expertly applied body paint. (Sup, “Somebody That I Used To Know“?)

Tim Lopez is “The Giving Tree.”

As Tim gently coos the record’s longing lyrics (“When all I wanted to be/ was your giving tree/ settle down, build a home, and make you happy”), we meet “the girl,” aka the one who broke his heart.

Camouflaging into various parts of her everyday routine, Tim sadly watches his ex’s life pass by from the sidelines. For example, he blends in as the boat that keeps her afloat in water and the wall that keeps the roof over her head. AHHHH, it’s too much.

Tim blended into a boat! 

As the video comes to a close, Tim mournfully sits on the stump of a chopped down tree, and we’re left alone to cry and wonder what kind of a total schmuck lady wouldn’t want to let Tim be her “giving tree.” I mean, clearly he’s the most “supportive” boyfriend ever. (#TreePuns)

Where’s Waldo?

Watch Plain White T’s “The Giving Tree” video.

Photo credit: Hollywood Records