Austin Mahone’s ‘Banga Banga’ Announcement Video Is Just Too Much For My Delicate Sensibilities! (GIFs)

Oh, mercy! This might be more than I can take!

Well, I do declare! This is more shocking than the time that Reginald Waltmore, of the Raleigh Waltmores, snatched the dance card out of my dainty little gloved hands at the cotillion, took a pen to it, and moved his name up from seventh place to fourth! (THE NERVE.) What’s the cause of my distress? Why, it’s Austin Mahone’s recent Instagram video post announcing that his new single “Banga Banga,” will be released on Sunday, Nov. 10!

Rendered in a boldly graphic comic book style, the looping clip only needs a couple of distraught women, and — BAM! — it’s basically a Lichtenstein! Unfortunately, the Insta video’s arresting aesthetic mixed with the sudden nature of this insanely amazing news means only one thing: I need to lie down before — OH NO, I’M FAINTING. “What About Love“? More like “WHAT ABOUT MY SMELLING SALTS”?!?!

Watch Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” announcement video after the jump.

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” announcement video.

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