Is Britney Spears Dressed As Katy Perry At This 2007 Halloween Party? IS SHE PSYCHIC?! Discuss. (PHOTO)

Britney may have dressed as a certain girl, and we liked it.

Have you ever thought that you had, like, supernatural powers? Like, you’d be waiting in the subway station for a couple of minutes and just, like, KNOW that a train would be coming, and then — BAM! — the L train arrives within MINUTES?? Well, we think that none other than Britney Spears might just be blessed with ESPN ESP if this photo from Heidi Klum’s 2007 Halloween party is to be believed.

How else could the “Work Bitch” singer have possibly dressed up an every-era-at-once version of Katy Perry, a then-unknown scullery maid dancing on London’s seediest street corners for shillings (or something)? Don’t believe us? We think you’ll change your tune once you #BowDown before our flawlessly compelling evidence. Behold!

EXHIBIT A: Those heart-shaped sunglasses are straight out of the One Of The Boys styling era.

Or maybe “Lolita“? Whatever, we’re not here to debate Nabokov’s psychic abilities. SORRY.

Can you handle more compelling evidence? We continue to make our case after the jump.

EXHIBIT B: The Prism-era animal print! We’ve all heard Katy “Roar,” but Brit-Brit heard it first.

EXHIBIT C: We, uh… we’ve got a really good feeling about it!

Case closed!

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Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: Breathe Heavy, Jimmy McCain of MTV

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