Star Spotting: This Childhood Photo Of Cody Simpson Dressed Up For Halloween Might Make Your Ovaries Explode

This Halloween-themed #TBT of Cody Simpson and Allie Simpson is TOO precious!

And the award for "Cutest Childhood Halloween Costume" goes to... 

Just when we thought we were done documenting our faves' Halloween photos, the above Throwback Thursday Halloween GEM emerged! So, we put our at-home candy corn-eating contest (party of one!) on hold in order to devote all of our attention to this adorable picture of a young Cody Simpson and his sister Alli wearing vaguely coordinated costumes!

Related: How glad are you that Halloween falls on a Thursday this year?? It's like the 'Ween gods and goddess knew that we'd just KVELL at the very sight of a #tbt involving kids in costumes. Anyway, along with his throwback, the "All Day" singer captioned: "#tbt Halloween with the sis @allisimpson."

Sadly, it's kinda hard to decipher what exactly Cody and Alli are supposed to be dressed up as -- perhaps a friendly Count Dracula and a daisy-appreciating Batwoman? Either way, the Simpson sibs were clearly demolishing the Halloween game way back when, and we're pretty sure they're still killing it now. Speaking of which, can you two, like, recreate this exact photo? In the next hour, if poss? Honestly, we'd pay -- in American dollars. Let us know!

Look at Cody Simpson.

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Photo credit: @CodySimpson

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