Check Out This Photo Of A Young Austin Mahone In His 'Toy Story' Halloween Costume Before The World Implodes From Cuteness

Check out this old photo of Austin Mahone dressed up as Woody from Toy Story for Halloween!

Awwwww, little buckaroo!

Apologies to any adorable animal memes out there, but we hereby declare this Throwback Thursday photo of Austin Mahone dressed up in his Woody from 'Toy Story' Halloween costume to be the absolute, hands down cutest thing we have ever seen in our entire effing lives.

Do you see that cowboy hat brim that's bigger than the "What About Love" singer's face? The confused look of "WAIT, WHY AM I DOING THIS?!" in his eyes? Or maybe he's just got a snake in his boot? Unclear!

Regardless, after glancing at this picture, corgis jumping flopping into lakes and rottweiler puppies with hiccups literally look like piles of garbage monster vomit, and no -- WE'RE NOT EXAGGERATING. Literally. Full stop. Garbage monsters. #SorryNotSorry

According to Austin's mom, Austin was about two-and-a-half years old when she snapped this 100 percent not-spooky Halloween pic. Hmmm, so if the one Mahomie to rule them all was born in early '96, that would make this -- WAIT A MINUTE. The original "Toy Story" came out in November of 1995, which means that... oh my God, Austin is younger than "Toy Story." BRB, weeping into a bowl of #feelings froyo. Bye-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Happy Halloween from Austin Mahone.

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Photo credit: Austin Mahone / GIF: Jimmy McCain of MTV