Watch Ed Sheeran Debut A New Song At Madison Square Garden, But Get Some Tissues First (VIDEO)

Listen to a new song by Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran debuted a new song at a Madison Square Garden gig.

Ed Sheeran's no stranger to playing gentle acoustic songs that make us go "AWW" and "UGHHH; now our mascara is all smudged from tears!"

And per a new song Ed recently debuted at NYC's Madison Square Garden, possibly titled "So In Love" (he didn't reveal a formal name), the ginger-haired Brit shows no signs of stopping the cry-fest anytime soon.

Watch Ed Sheeran perform his brand-new song at Madison Square Garden after the jump.

Much in the same vein as "Lego House," Ed's new song is simple, unadorned, and melodically moving. Accompanied only by his quiet guitar plucking, Ed boldly commanded the room as he cooed, "You look so wonderful in your dress/ I love your hair like that/ The way it falls on the side of your neck/ Down your shoulders and back." See??? #TISSUES.

About his new song, Ed confessed that it was written after this year's Grammy Awards, when people around him were "talking s***."

Hmmm, not sure how a love song correlates to rude s***-talkers, but maybe this has something to do with the entire universe speculating about a romantic relationship between Ed and his attractive paddleboarding buddy/"Red" tourmate, Taylor Swift? Who also happened to perform at this year's Grammys?

Or maybe we're just projecting.

Either way, if Ed's beautiful new song is any indication, the follow-up to his debut album is bound to be even more of a smash.

+ Watch Ed Sheeran perform a brand-new song at Madison Square Garden.



Photo credit: Getty Images/ GIF: Jimmy McCain for MTV