Eminem Acknowledges His Difficult Personality On The Hard-Charging 'A**hole' Featuring Skylar Grey

Listen to Eminem and Skylar Grey's "Asshole."

Eminem comes to grips with his true nature on "A**hole."

Eminem'The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to arrive next week, and already we've heard a lot of big-name collaborators on the track list (Kendrick Lamar on "Love Game" and Rihanna on "Monster").

But one of Eminem's most predictably reliable partners is Skylar Grey, who he's written other smash hits and performed with (see: "Love The Way You Lie," "C'mon Let Me Ride," and "I Need a Doctor").

On their latest, the frankly named "A**hole," Eminem, whose lyrical relationship with women is as confusing as ever, proves yet again that he does some of his best work with a strong one by his side.

Listen to Eminem "A**hole" featuring Skylar Grey after the jump.

"Came to the world at a time when it was in need of a villain," Em opens. "An a**hole, that role I think I succeed in fulfilling." Won't find many people that will argue with that.

The hard-charging track is less pop-leaning than his other numbers written with Grey, with a scant bass line, clattering percussion, and hyper-paced strings that mostly leave room for him to spit at people who've done him wrong (and there are a lot!).

Much of it is done with predictably clever wordplay: "Shorty you're fine but you sort of remind me of a 49er/ Cause you been a gold digger since you were a minor," toward the opening of the second, feisty verse.

For Grey's part, she mostly leans back. The hook, while quite infectious, is much more reserved than the type of belting we've come to expect. "Everybody knows that you're just an a**hole," she sings. It's true. The problem is, as it's always been, that Eminem's such a charismatic one, it's hard not to like him anyway.

+ Listen to Eminem's "A**hole" featuring Skylar Grey, and go to Eminem.MTV.com to watch rare interview footage from 1999.


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