Cody Simpson's New Acoustic 'All Day' Video Will Make You Cry ALL The Tears

Watch Cody Simpson's stripped rendition of "All Day."

Sing, Cody! SING!

If there's one thing you must know about us, it's that we are ALWAYS HERE for sensitive guys playing the guitar. (Why else do you think we went to college? JK! Stay in school.) That's why we are beyond melting over Cody Simpson's new "All Day" video, where he delivers a stripped-down rendition of the 2010 track.

Get ready for this clip, because it's just Cody and his guitar, some sparse tambourine accompaniment by a zen-looking man with long hair, and, oh yeah, ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS.

Watch Cody Simpson's acoustic "All Day" video.

Watch Cody Simpson's acoustic "All Day" video after the jump.

It's incredible to hear the difference between this unplugged rendition of "All Day" and the original version that Cody released on his debut EP, 4 U. What was once a whirring, techno-fied take on bubblegum pop is now totally ready to soundtrack even the most relaxing day spent at the beach still in bed at 3 p.m. because going outside is overrated.

This track is but the first taste of what we can expect on Cody's forthcoming EP, The Acoustic Sessions, which will be released on Nov. 19. Rounding out the five-song track list are various selections from the Cody catalog, including the Surfer's Paradise singles "Pretty Brown Eyes" and "La Da Dee," plus a cleverly timed cover of Charles Brown's "Please Come Home For Christmas." Looks like Mr. Simpson's got quite the business savvy, in addition to, you know, THAT FLAWLESS FACE AND VOICE.

+ Watch Cody Simpson's acoustic "All Day" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records / GIF: GIFBAY