Eminem Embraces Pop On 'Love Game' Featuring Kendrick Lamar + 'Headlights' Featuring fun.'s Nate Ruess (NSFW)

Listen to Eminem's "Headlights" and "Love Game."

Eminem drops two very un-Eminem-like tracks: "Love Game" and "Headlights."

It's time for more sonic goodies from the Eminem camp! After releasing the jaw-droppingly catchy "Monster" with Rihanna this past week, Em's on to even more collabs. Like, we're talking two in one day: "Love Game" featuring fellow rhymer Kendrick Lamar and "Headlights" featuring fun. frontman Nate Ruess.

Listen to Eminem's "Love Game" featuring Kendrick Lamar and "Headlights" featuring Nate Ruess after the jump.

Despite the fact that they're two very different tracks, "Love Game" and "Headlights" share one thing in common: They're far more melodic and less gritty than much of Eminem's earlier work (specifically: anything from The Marshall Mathers LP).

Sampling Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders' 1965 chart-topper "The Game Of Love," "Love Game" is a jaunty, old-school pop song with a deluge of aggravated words about, well, a cheating fiancé. "I'll say it, you can suck a softball through a straw, used to be my fiance/ 'Til you s**ked/ on Wayne, Andre, and Kanye/ Lebron, Akon, Jay, Lil Jon, Raekwon, Ma$e/ Polow Tha Don, Drake, Dante Ross, James Conway, Kwame." Well, it doesn't take a close-reading genius to guess what Em's referring to. #HerLoss #GetThatRevenge

As for "Headlights," Em's second track opens with Ruess' thick, drawling vocals. Led by heavy piano and slow, deliberate drumbeats, initially "Headlights" sounds like a fun. song -- that is, until Eminem opens his mouth. Spitting heart-wrenching rhymes about the complicated relationship he has with his mother, Em recites: "'Cause to this day we remain estranged and I hate it though/ Cause you ain't even get to witness your grand baby's growth/ But I'm sorry mama for Cleaning Out My Closet, at the time I was angry."

Oof. Despite the #dark subject matter, clearly Eminem's tough past has a way of inspiring powerful, thought-provoking hip-hop ballads. (And these high-profile collabs don't hurt either.)

Look out for both "Love Game" and "Headlights" on Eminem's upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, out Nov. 5.

+ Listen to Eminem's "Love Game" featuring Kendrick Lamar and "Headlights" featuring Nate Ruess (NSFW).

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