Austin Mahone + Selena Gomez Continue Their BFF-A-Thon With Another Too-Cute Photo

Austin Mahone

Are Austin Mahone and Selena Gomez still BFFs? Um, YUP.

Do you think Austin Mahone and Selena Gomez made their BFF status official with heart-shaped charms, handmade bracelets, and their own top-secret, special language? 'Cause this new pic from Austin's Instagram of the two having some serious bonding time is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Also: Please excuse me while I file this under "I Want Austin's Life."

What are we even talking about? Well, the MTV "Artist To Watch" Tour headliner doesn't really need any friendship tokens when Selena could easily give him something waaay better than a cheap metal charm from a mall jewelry kiosk. Like what? Ummmm, how about an all-access backstage pass to her "Stars Dance" concert?

During his backstage visit, the "What About Love" singer even gave Selena a supportive shout-out in the pic's caption: "Amazing job tonight! @SelenaGomez good seeing you :)" Because that is what you do on Instagram: Shower your talented and beautiful friends with love and support. And what you don't do, however, is post a picture of your BFF napping in a position that exposes his double chin and drool. Like someone I know did to me. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Photo credit: @austinmahone