Mean Creek's 'Cool Town' Pays Hilarious Homage to Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' Video, Car Freakouts And All

Watch Mean Creek's "Cool Town" video.

Mean Creek find inspiration in Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" video.

In previous videos, Boston rockers Mean Creek have gone in a more cinematic direction, like on the slow-burning, resplendent "Young and Wild."

But in their latest clip, "Cool Town," they show off a more, well, ironic side of the band. It's a spot-on shot-for-shot remake of Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" video, featuring the band members taking on different sides of the singer's manic but lovable sweater-chic car freakouts.

Watch Mean Creek's "Cool Town" video after the jump.

The idea for the video came from drummer Mikey Holland, frontman Chris Keene explained, "Which is 'ironic' because he's the only one of us who is not a fan of Alanis. The rest of us have been rocking and loving Jagged Little Pill for years now, so naturally we loved the idea and thought it would be really funny."

Mean Creek's "Cool Town" video.

One problem, however, was that their song, a quick blast of punk energy and ethos about longing to leave the town you grew up in, is a minute longer than Alanis' iconic 1996 video. But that didn't dissuade directors James Lindsay and Richard TK Hawke from trying it anyway.

"The Alanis video was shot in the dead of winter; ours was shot in steaming hot 90-degree summer, so we were out there hungover as hell wearing winter coats, hats, and gloves, sweating our asses off trying to re-create this video," Keen said.

Watch Mean Creek's "Cool Town" video.

"We spent about a week in San Francisco on our last tour, and I really fell in love with the place, and with a girl who I'd known for many years who had moved there," he said of the story within the song. "We had been on that tour for six weeks, and coming home from that tour after California, I didn't want to come back to Boston. I really wanted to stay in California. My life, my band, my friends and family were all in Boston though, and I knew I couldn't leave that just yet. 'Cool Town' is a song about longing."

Loving the place you are, but wanting to leave today. Isn't that ironic? (Or is it?)

Mean Creek's Local Losers is out in February on Old Flame Records.

+ Watch Mean Creek's "Cool Town" video.

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