Harry Styles Got Covered In Dessert, And That's All The Proof You Need That God Exists (VIDEO)

Harry Styles gets pied in the face.

Like, we're obviously not mad that Harry's covered in pie. We just want to know why!

Just FYI, we are AH-MAY-ZING detectives, and will put our super sleuthing skills to use at the drop of a hat. (Remember that time we solved the murder in Justin Timberlake's "TKO" video "Clue"-style? Or when we deduced that Nathan Sykes had slept over at Ariana Grande's? AH-MAYZING.) Today, we're gonna serve Sherlock Holmes realness on the case of the custard pie... that is splattered all over One Direction's Harry Styles. Sure, it's delicious, but WHY?!

Solve this delicious, pie-covered mystery after the jump.

Here are the facts. 1.) Harry was photographed at one of 1D's "Take Me Home" Tour stops in Melbourne, Australia. 2.) It was posted to 1D's Instagram with the caption: "Harry with custard pie to the face, the body, the everywhere... 1DHQ x." 3.) Someone should call 911 because I just swooned so hard I hit my head on my desk and now there's blood everywhere. (Should I walk toward the light? Circle one:  Y  /  N  /  M  )

Based on this info, we've determined that Liam, stern taskmaster that he is, whipped out a Slip'N Slide, slathered it in custard, and forced the other lads to partake. No, wait, maybe One Direction's roadies effed up, and accidentally packed five pies instead of microphones? (Who hasn't!) Hmmm... Naw, that doesn't seem right either. Did we say that we were AH-MAY-ZING detectives? Maybe we should dial that down to "AH-DUH-QUATE."

Oh, wait, maybe if we'd reined in our imaginations a little, we'd have noticed an Instagram video posted in plain sight right next to the photo of a custard-covered Harry. (#ThePurloinedInsta) Apparently, the "Story Of My Life" singers simply got into a pie fight with their opening act, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Why? Because PIE FIGHT!!!!

+ Watch One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer go custard pie crazy.

Photo credit: One Direction's Instagram