Future + Miley Cyrus Go Where No Musician Has Gone Before In Their 'Real And True' Video Trailer

Watch Future and Miley Cyrus' "Real and True" teaser video.

Houston, we have a (sexy) problem.

Not to get all Seinfeld on you, but what is the deal with musicians and outer space? Last year, will.i.am debuted "Reach For The Stars" from the Mars rover, and earlier this year, Thirty Seconds To Mars unveiled "Up In The Air" from a freakin' space station.

And now? In Miley Cyrus and Future's teaser clip for their upcoming "Real And True" video, the two celebs are going where [Patrick Stewart baritone] noooo oneee has goneeee beforeeee: SPACE!

Watch Miley Cyrus and Future's "Real And True" teaser after the jump.

In what looks like it could easily be an homage to anything from "Alien" to "Prometheus" to "Gravity" to "Apollo 13," Miley and Future's trailer is a intergalactic-themed montage of the two looking very concerned on a spaceship. Sometimes they're looking worried in space helmets, other times they're looking anxious and fiddling with dials in said spaceship as an alarm flashes, and other times they're setting foot onto what is presumably a mysterious planet with... aaaalienssssss.

Given what we already know about this clip (i.e., gazing at an all-silver naked Miley Cyrus alien), we can only assume that someone's about to get abducted by a (very sexy) unknown race. (Let's just hope none of it involves creatures exploding out of anyone's stomach, though. Because then WE might throw up.)

Look out for the full video's debut on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 6:55 p.m. ET!

+ Watch Miley Cyrus and Future's "Real And True" teaser.

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg / Invision / AP Images