Ariana Grande + Big Sean’s ‘Right There’ Video Is The Ultimate ‘Romeo And Juliet’-Themed Party

Ariana Grande is a charming Juliet in her “Right There” video.

As you’ve probably noticed, Ariana Grande has been teasing her Big Sean-assisted “Right There” video for weeks! First, Ariana threw us off the scent with a sneak peek of her video outfit (otherwise known as the princess dress your mom wouldn’t let you wear to your bat mitzvah party).

Later, Ariana unleashed another sneak photo, this time of Big Sean perched on an ornate chair. But what did it all mean?!

Well, the official “Right There” video has just dropped, so we can finally tell you: Ariana has created a full-scale “Romeo And Juliet” reenactment! Starring actor and model Patrick Schwarzenegger as Romeo! WE SHOULD’A KNOWN.

Watch Ariana Grande’s “Right There” video featuring Big Sean after the jump. 

At the top of the Nev Todorovic-directed clip, we meet Ariana, otherwise known as Juliet (a Capulet!), who is fanning herself in a full princess dress and primping with some gal pals as they get ready for the night’s big masquerade ball.

Capulet broads primping! 

Later, much like the opening shot in Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 interpretation, the Montague boys come riding in with Romeo (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s smokeshow of a son, Patrick) after spending the day doing bro’d out things — like shooting water guns for no apparent reason!

Montague bros being bros!

After their joyride, the Montague bros sneak into the over-the-top Capulet masquerade ball and, well, it’s love at first puppy-eyes for Ariana and Patrick. After a few stolen glances, the young couple sneak off to reenact what is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in all of film and literature: the “Romeo And Juliet” balcony scene! Complete with some light-up palm trees for a contemporary twist!

RomeoRomeoWherefore art thou Romeo…

But, lest you forget, the Capulet and Montague houses are at war! What shall the young couple do? Oh, well that’s simple: employ the services of a kind priest, otherwise known as Big Sean casually putzing around with some candles and potions.

Ummm, Big Sean as a priest is our everything.

Then again, what kind of a pop music video would this be if they closed things out with a traditional “Romeo And Juliet” ending?! You know, the one where Romeo and Juliet die from love-fueled poison ingestion?! Fortunately, “Right There” ends on a high note with more partying, shots of Romeo and Juliet cuddling, and, happily, the ever-classic water kiss.

Well, this is annoyingly cute.

“And let their love be sealed by a dramatic water kiss.”

Closing thoughts? “Right There” is “Romeo And Juliet” done Ariana Grande’s way, and if it’s gotta end on a cheerful note, then we have zero problem with that. Ariana’s boyfriend, Nathan Sykes, on the other hand, might not be so down with that in-water smooch-fest. Whatever, guys, it’s called method acting.

+ Watch Ariana Grande’s “Right There” video featuring Big Sean.

Photo credit: Republic Records