Kanye West, Selena Gomez, James Franco + More Celebs Declare Their L.A. Love In Thirty Seconds To Mars' 'City of Angels' Short Film (VIDEO)

Thity Seconds To Mars' "City Of Angels" video.

Thirty Seconds To Mars dedicate their latest video to Los Angeles (with the help of a few VERY famous faces).

The idea of "Los Angeles" is deeply woven into the fabric of both American popular culture and the imagination of the entire world. It's both a city of dreamers, and, for anyone who's ever seen a film or heard a band, the source of our own creative aspirations.

Mythology aside, L.A. is also a very real, very tough city, as anyone who's grown up there or packed a bag and set off to make it big with a twinkle in their eye can attest. In "City of Angels," a new short film directed by Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto Bartholomew Cubbins, a star-studded lineup from music, film, and sports come together to translate what the city has meant to them, and by association, the rest of us.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "City of Angels" video after the jump.

"The people who move to L.A. are usually the screwed-up ones. The people who are born and raised here are not quite as bad," Corey Feldman explains. He's among a list that includes a mix of both kinds, including Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Wild, James Franco, Juliette Lewis, Selena Gomez, Ashley Olsen, Lily Collins, Alan Cumming, Shaun White, and Steve Nash.

The interviews are intercut with stunning vistas of the cityscape, iconic film clips, and Thirty Seconds to Mars performing the song of the same name. "Lost in the city of angels/ down in the comfort of strangers/ I found myself in the fire-burned hills and land of a billion lights," Leto sings, setting the tone for the documentary.

"'City Of Angels' is a short film about this wild, weird, and wonderful land, Los Angeles, California," Leto explained in a press release. "A place that has left its mark on the world's imagination and a place where dreams can actually come true. I made this short film so I could share my thoughts on this incredibly special place and talk to others about theirs. It's not so much about this particular city but more about the people who inhabit it. This is for the dreamers who know that sometimes the impossible is indeed possible."

Interspersed with the real celebrities are a series of celebrity impersonators, which only heightens the underlying conceit about the fuzzy intersection of dreams and reality. That's the idea of Los Angeles. As Wilde explains, "I thought it was the most magical place I'd ever been. It was the promised land."  

+ Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "City Of Angels" video.

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