Happy National Cat Day! Please Enjoy These 10 Must-See Cat Music Moments (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift looooves her cat, Meredith. And so do we!

Happy National Cat Day! Much like the rest of the internet, we are ob-SESSED with cats. LOLCats, I Can Haz Cheezburger? cats, cats in space, keyboard cats, Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, annoying cats you meet on Instagram… and every cat in between. FOREVER.

So in honor of all things furry and purry, we thought we should pay homage to National Cat Day by listing some of our favorite musicians and their feline friends, otherwise known as “10 Must-See Cat Music Moments.”

We’ve got Bjork dancing with a life-size cat in her “Triumph Of A Heart” video, Katy Perry cuddling in bed with Kitty Purry in her “I Kissed A Girl” video, Weezer kissing kittens in their Spike Jonze-directed “Island In The Sun” video, and so many more. In conclusion? Like “The Aristocats” say, “Everybody wants to be a cat.”

Check out 10 must-see cat music moments after the jump.

1.) Taylor Swift, “Ours”: OK, technically a cat only shows up for a split second in this video (see: that cute little cat sticker on Taylor’s work computer), but if you think about it, this song could totally be about cats! Who’s there to greet you after a long, horrible day at work (you know, when there’s no boyfriend in the picture)? YOUR PET CAT.


2.) Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl”: In Katy’s racy 2008 clip, we first meet “Kitty Purry,” aka that adorable fluffy feline reclining on Katy’s lap as she launches into a bouncy ballad about kissing girls and liking it.


3.) Ed Sheeran, “Drunk”: Ummmm, who wouldn’t want to throw back shots with their pet cat? Or better yet, who wouldn’t want their pet cat to help them get over that no-good ex by playing video games with you, cracking open beers, playing music, and just generally being your BBFFL? Another reason why CATS GET US. (And the opposite sex doesn’t.)


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