What Are Haley Williams' Halloween Dos And Don'ts? First Of All, Don't Buy Crap Candy! (VIDEO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams discusses her Halloween do's and don'ts.

Paramore's Hayley Williams spills her Halloween dos and don'ts.

For such a whackadoodle holiday, it's shocking to think how many rules come into play when Halloween's on the horizon. Examples? DO think of a creative costume! But DON'T dress like a slutty pizza. DO throw or attend a party! But for the love of God and everything politically correct, DON'T wear blackface to said party. See where we're going with this?

Also: DO ask Paramore's Hayley Williams what her own Halloween dos and don'ts are! (Hint: DON'T try to feed her an apple.)

Find out what Hayley Williams' Halloween Dos and Don'ts are after the jump.

Above all else, Hayley's No. 1 Halloween don't is this: "Don't buy crap candy to give out," said Hayley. "You remember what it was it like to be a kid -- you didn't want crap candy. You didn't want an apple or some BS that your mom would give you. You wanted the real good stuff. There's healthier ways to do it I guess, I'm just trying to have Reese's Pieces all night long."

But as for Hayley's Halloween dos, the "Still Into You" singer elaborated on how the spookiest holiday of the year can actually reveal a person's true self. "To me, anything goes on Halloween," said Hayley. "I have always believed that Halloween is when you really get to know someone. They could be wearing the craziest costume in the world, trying to cover themselves up, but [to me] that's the real them."

Soooo what does that say about people who still insist on rocking Freddy Krueger masks? (Whatever, gross rubber masks will always be a giant "DON'T" in our Halloween book.)

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Photo credit: MTV