Please Use This Time To Gawk At Austin Mahone's Perfect, Probably Photoshopped Abs (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone took a shirtless selfie, and, um, THOSE ABS.

We really hope that no one out there lost any sleep over Austin Mahone's recent health scare -- because judging by the singer's new shirtless photo, dude has clearly returned to full health. In fact, we have six well-defined examples of proof that he's doing just FOINE in the health department... AKA LOOK AT AUSTIN'S ABS.

The "What About Love" singer posted the above photo to Instagram with the caption "Back in the gym!" Austin is looking SO fit that we have a sneaking suspicion he'll a.) dress up as one of the above for Halloween: Taylor Lautner circa "Twilight," Nick Jonas circa a few months ago, or Justin Bieber circa always, b.) forget Halloween entirely and just run around shirtless (because we can dream), or c.) create an entire Instagram feed dedicated to his midsection.

Anyway, we're just SO relieved to see that Austin's health scare hasn't prevented him from dominating the teen pop game or delayed his MTV Artist To Watch Tour any further. Also, more importantly, this pic has totally inspired me to up my own workout game! Now, excuse me while I blow the dust off my sneakers... Right after I finish eating this bowl of Halloween candy.

Photo credit: @austinmahone