It's Britney, Witch! Watch Britney Spears Recite Vincent Price's 'Thriller' Monologue (VIDEO)

Watch Britney Spears recite Vincent Price's "Thriller" monologue.

Brit-Brit looks a little scurred of her animal familiar.

Say your prayers and grab your nightlight, because things are about to get truly terrifying. No, the call isn't coming from inside the house, and no Bloody Mary will not appear if you say her name into a mirror three times. (Mary got things ta do!) Spookier still! BBC Radio 1 has released a video in which none other than Britney Spears recites Vincent Price's iconic monologue from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" -- word-for-word, scare-for-scare.

Watch Britney Spears recite Vincent Price's "Thriller" monologue.

Watch BBC Radio 1's "It's Britney, Witch!" video after the jump.

Presumably recorded when Ms. Britney Jean popped by the U.K.'s Breakfast Show a few weeks ago for an interview, the "Work B**ch" singer flies on broomsticks, cavorts with incredibly realistically rendered ghosts, and other supremely GIF-able activities, all while maintaining a flawlessly authentic British accent... or 2... or 9. Scariest of all, Britney -- #AUDIBLEGASP -- orders a pepperoni pizza with host, Nick Grimshaw. (WHAT, I just became a vegetarian.)

This whole clip gives us an idea. Come Halloween night, we may or may not plan on making any and all trick-or-twerkers-treaters who come to our door actually, ya know, EARN their candy. Ya wanna king-size Snickers? Ya wanna Table Talk pie? Ya wanna razorless apple? YA BETTA WORK, B**CH.

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Photo credit: BBC Radio 1 / GIF: MTV News, Awesome GIFs