Justin Bieber Tries To Mend His Lonely, Broken Heart In 'Recovery'

Justin Bieber attempts to mend his broken heart in "Recovery"

Justin Bieber attempts to heal in "Recovery." 

Just as we suspected, Justin Bieber's #MusicMondays is actually code for "songs that mimic the various stages of breakup grief."

Examples? After admitting to dating a "Heartbreaker," Justin confessed that she was still "All That Matters." Later, he asked said heartbreaker to "Hold Tight" and keep fighting for their deteriorating relationship.

Eventually, however, JB had to man up and accept defeat. Cue the Biebs' latest #MusicMondays installment, "Recovery," a tear-jerking ode to mending a broken heart.

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Recovery" after the jump.

As if hearing Justin's silky-smooth, buttery vocals wasn't enough, "Recovery" samples the very same guitar lick from Craig David's debut single/pop music opus, "Fill Me In." We like!

As the guitar gently clinks in the background, Justin sadly coos about acceptance: "First I'll acknowledge out trust has been broken/ A successful recovery/ I pray for us at night."

OK, so clearly breaking up is hard to do, and Justin has been GOING THROUGH IT, but now that we're four songs in, we're kiiinda thinking it's time he ended this sob story and focused on, say, releasing an upbeat pop banger. Perhaps entitled: "I Can Bag Any Chick I Want (So What's There To Be Sad About?)." Just a thought.

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Recovery" because Justin really wants you to!

Photo credit: Island Def Jam