Star Spotting: Is Lady Gaga Channeling That Creepy Girl From 'The Ring'? (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga just out-weirded Germany. BIG DEAL.

"17 daaaaaaaaaays... until 'ARTPOP.'"

We're all about Lady Gaga being herself. (I've personally stanned for "Free To Be You And Me" since 1983!) But seeing these photos of her slithering around Berlin while dressed up like that terrifying ghost girl from "The Ring" who crawls out of a TV? They make us want to turn on a  "Little House On The Prairie" marathon and rock in the fetal position.

Lady Gaga totally channeled that scary girl from "The Ring," right?

We're feeling very R. L. Stine. How you say, GOOSEBUMPS!

Check out more photos of Lady Gaga managing to out-weird Germany (GERMANY!) after the jump.

Lady Gaga is creeping her way through Berlin.

 Gaga stands on the Berlin Wall dressed in a sheer dress because, well, why not?

On second thought, maybe this isn't the creepiest photo of the "Venus" singer that we've ever seen. (Paging la Goose-Gaga!) In fact, there's something almost magical about Mother Monster crawling on top of what remains of the Berlin Wall wearing a VERY sheer dress and pale makeup -- mostly because she walked around the city COMPLETELY BAREFOOT and somehow did not get tetanus.

Getting back to "The Ring," we LIVE for the "What's Gaga gonna do next?!" factor as much as the next person. But can we all agree that if we ever saw a woman -- famous pop star or not -- crawling around like this, we'd RUN SO FAR AWAY because, um, we're still not 100 percent sure that the horror movie is fiction and we wouldn't want to stick around to find out?

Lady Gaga is totally from "The Ring" in these Berlin pictures.

Photo credit: Splash News, DreamWorks / GIF: Imgur