The 1975 Don't Take Themselves -- Or Anything -- Too Seriously In Their Cheeky 'Girls' Video

Watch The 1975's "Girls" video.

If this is what pop star irony looks like, then call the 1975 Alanis Morissette.

Forget whatever you've heard: Manchester's The 1975 are not, as they insist, a pop band. (Aside from the whole perfectly coiffed haircuts, good looks, and big hooks thing.)

In fact, as we see in the video for "Girls," the four-piece are adept at any number of different musical styles, from the mid-tempo balladry of "Chocolate" to the shimmery, pleading, entry-level arena rock bombast of "Sex."

"Girls" finds the lads bouncing along on a sparkly, party-in-the-sun vibe that proves they've got a cheeky side as well, even if the message behind the song is a little hard to figure out.

Watch The 1975's "Girls" video after the jump.

"Everything feels totally wrong… We’re not a pop band… It needs to be black-and-white for a start," Matthew Healy says as the video opens, poking fun at their previously dour countenance in videos.

In the winking clip, directed by Adam Powell, The 1975 run through a series of typical music video scenarios: They lounge in the sun with bikini-clad models, pass their instruments off to lingerie-clad models, and get in a car crash with some models in elegant dresses. Hmmm, we're starting to notice a pattern here.

"We set out to make a video about a band not wanting to make a video," Powell told us. "It essentially came about because of the response to the 'Sex' video being in color, and the notion that the band were being told what to wear, etc."

The band explained more about this in a press release, saying, "It was brought to our attention that certain people thought we were 'conforming to a record company's wishes,' along with other expected and unexpected cliches."

Not the case, Powell went on. "It's really funny to me, the impression people have of the music industry and music video directors. It's fun to play with that image. This is really the first time I've had such a direct conversation with a fan base through my work. We're all kind of poking fun at each other, and it's a really great thing to be a part of."

Powell says his goal was to make something that's both stupid and intelligent at the same time.

"I had the best of both worlds, being able to make a full-on pop video but [to also] be kind of cheeky, silly, and subversive, you know? I started out making skate and punk videos, so I think some of that naughty little kid came out."

And speaking of kids, "Girls"'s lyrics have young love on the brain as well, from teenage romance to less age-appropriate dalliances. "One moment I was tearing off your blouse/ Now you're living in my house/What happened to just messing around?" Healy sings.

Messing around, it seems, is for making music videos, not love.

+ Watch The 1975's "Girls" video.

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