10 Fan Fiction Titles Inspired By One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life,’ Illustrated In GIFs!

One Direction tells you quite the story with their latest single.

Thank the perfectly coiffed gods, because One Direction have just released the audio for their new single, “Story Of My Life“! On the follow-up Midnight Memories track to “Best Song Ever,” our five faves demonstrate a mature, adult sound that’s new for them, complete with pounding drums and lyrics describing a very grown-up kind of love.┬áMore importantly, LOOK HOW HANDSOME THEY SOUND. (#Synesthesia)

Back to the song, our hearts, minds, and various other body parts are absolutely RACING, imagining what Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall could possibly be crooning about! Despite their public figure status, the boys of 1D still manage to keep some private (possibly shirtless) things to themselves. So, to flesh out the “Story” that they’ve told us, we’ve turned to the noble/ borderline icky/ 97 percent homoerotic art of fan fiction to fill in the details for us. Behold, 10 faux fan fiction titles inspired by One Direction’s “Story Of My Life”!

1.) “Beating Drums, Beating Heart”

2.) “Spent My Love Till I Was Broke: My Long, Expensive Night With Harry Styles”

3.) “The Only Direction To Go… Was Down”

4.) “Story Of My Life: The Gnostic, Liam-On-Louis Texts”

Listen to One Direction’s “Story Of My Life” after the jump.

5.) “On The Down-Low In The Scottish Highlands”

6.) “Love In The Time of Zayn Malik’s Eyelashes”

7.) “Niall’s Little Horan”

8.) “One Direction Slash: Enter The Wanted

9.) “Quick, Before Perrie Gets Back!


+ Listen to One Direction’s “Story Of My Life.”

Photo credit: Columbia, Syco / GIFs: Papel Pop, BuzzFeed, Rebloggy, GifSoup