Lady Gaga Blasts Off To 'Venus' Naked And Covered In Scorpions In Her New 'ARTPOP' Snippet

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Venus" snippet.

Lady Gaga's, like, totally buggin' on her new track.

As promised, Lady Gaga has released a snippet of the promotional ARTPOP single, "Venus," mere hours after debuting "Gypsy" in a mustache in Berlin! (Long story.) With lyrics about rockets blasting off and Aphrodite lady aliens and a militant, pulsing synth that you could set your watch by, it's definitely one of the most bizarre, yet compelling, seduction numbers we have heard in a LONG time.

Listen to the "Venus" snippet, and check out more NSFW single covers after the jump.

Now that we've heard the 40-second teaser, we can see why Gaga decided against releasing "Venus" as the second ARTPOP single, opting for the more radio-friendly "Do What U Want" last-minute instead. But just because the track is so far from the Top 40 mainstream, we're TOTALLY into the David Bowie-esque extraterrestrial pop endeavor!

Speaking of things we dig, check out the three "Venus" covers that Mother Monster tweeted. They were photographed by Steven Klein, who directed "Alejandro." We may not understand 'em, but we dig 'em!

1.) An injured Gaga performs a Vulcan mind meld with a scorpion. Or maybe the bug's trying to snatch her wig?

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Venus" snippet.

2.) Our analysis? The bat represents the establishment of bloggers, driven mad by the question: "What is 'ARTPOP'?!"

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Venus" snippet.

3.) Open wound, "Pride And Prejudice And Zombies" reference, or french fry-stuffed falafel sandwich? We'd eat it, TBH.

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Venus" snippet.

+ Listen to Lady Gaga's "Venus" snippet.

Photo credit: Interscope