Transit Sing An Ode To Boston, Embark On A Citywide Pub Crawl In Their 'Young New England' Video

Watch Transit's "New Young England" video.

Transit declare their love for Boston in their "Young New England" video.

With the Red Sox in the middle of the World Series, "Young New England," by Boston's Transit, sounds more accurate than ever. "If you're too drunk to walk along the streets of cobblestone/ you know Boston never drinks alone," they sing.

The video takes us on a pretty thorough bar crawl through the city to some of Transit's favorite haunts, as the emo (sorry not sorry) favorites assemble a veritable gang to sing through the streets with them.

Watch Transit's "Young New England" video after the jump

"We traded in our small towns, for those big city dreams/ With my head up on your shoulder, and my heart under lock and key," Joe Boynton sings as he and a few dozen of the band's fans take over Lansdowne Street, outside of Fenway Park. And that's after a stop off at about 10 other drinking landmarks throughout the city. (Drink responsibly!)

While "Young New England" is a plaintive, reserved song about friendship and love in the typical sense, it's really a love song about the city itself, and about the idea of being young and moving to a city for the first time to chase your dreams.

"The video really encompasses the overall vibe of the track," guitarist Tim Lander told us of the song from their album of the same name, Young New England, out now on Rise Records. "It's a song about who we are and where we're from: born and raised in the Boston area." 

"My favorite part about filming this video was the overwhelming amount of people that showed up to be involved. It was truly mind-boggling and a complete blast! We've got some amazing, fun people that support our band. We're very lucky. Looking back, I still can't believe Joe drank a beer out of his shoe." 

That's Boston in a nutshell right there.

+ Watch Transit's "Young New England" video.

Photo credit: Rise Records