Star Spotting: AHHH! Big Sean Will ALSO Rock A Courtly Costume In Ariana Grande's 'Right There' Video! (PHOTO)

Big Sean's gonna be in Ariana Grande's Right There video!

Such a sassed-out leg pose you're serving there, Big Sean!

The wait for Ariana Grande's "Right There" video to drop has just become near IMPOSSIBLE. Now, in addition to clamoring to see Ari's totally ballsy bat mitzvah/ princess dress in motion, we are absolutely chomping at the bit to see her duet partner, Big Sean, all dressed up, too! Plus, as the above Instagram photo indicates, he'll be serving the sassiest damn leg poses this side of The Rockettes. LOVE!

Posted to Ariana's Insta, the model granddaughter excitedly captioned: "#6DaysUntilRIGHTTHEREvideo @bigsean." Whoa, did she seriously not say ANYTHING about the fact that his leg is casually thrown over the side of an ornately carved wooden chair that's plopped right down in the middle of an eerie church? That's a real missed Insta-tunity. #pout

Aw, Naya Rivera's fiancé is such a team player! He even went so far as to rock those knee protector things that those fierce fighter men wear on "Game Of Thrones" when they're on their horses, fighting with swords, and killing everyone in sight. Definition of method acting, right there.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram