Rihanna's Upside-Down Pool Twerk Has Given Us An Even Greater Respect For Her (PHOTO)

Rihanna takes her twerk game to the next level in Greece.

Ancient aqueducts crumble and collapse, but Rihanna's upside-down twerk stance is forever!

When Rihanna told us that "[her] b****es twerk on water" in that "Pour It Up" making of video, she wasn't kidding! In fact, RiRi took it one step further while in Greece in between "Diamonds" World Tour stops, literally twerking ABOVE her seaside pool.

Does this mean that Rihanna was actually levitating above her bathwater in this bubbly tub time selfie, also taken in Greece? More importantly, does this make her, like, the messiah of twerking? We're gonna go with yes, and start preaching her name as loudly and unintelligibly as we can on the nearest New York City street corner. Lata!

...And we're back, with zero Rih-sus converts and 417 STFUs. Oh well, at least we still have our faith in the almighty powers of Rihanna's aqua-twerk, which the "What Now" singer documented Wednesday on Instagram.

Poll time: Are we the only ones who see a MAY-JURR Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" Ri-ference happening here? Sure, Rihanna's opted for Visvim kicks instead of thigh-high leg warmers, but she's still twerking like she's never twerked before. What, not even Jennifer Lopez in the "I'm Glad" video? Come on!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram