We Hereby Crown Azealia Banks Queen Of The Pasties! (PHOTO)

Azealia Banks' smiley faces are basically her pasties queen crown.

Azealia is totally owning these smiley face pasties. (Smiley face-ties?)

All pretenders to the throne, step down! Thanks to some flawless smiley face pasties, we must crown Azealia Banks, Littlest Princess of West Mermaidia and "Count Contessa" of Longhairington-upon-Dontcareford, Queen of the Pasties now and forevermore! (Or at least until Lil' Kim's glorious 1999 VMA mermaid lewk comes out of retirement.)

In the past few months, we've seen our pop faves really step up their #pastiesgame. From Iggy Azalea's sewn-into-her-bathing-suit palm trees in the "Work" video to Miley Cyrus' iHeartRadio boob-o-centric ensemble -- oh, and HELLO, what about Nicki Minaj's purple selfie stars -- the bar for the title of Nipple Cover Kween has been set pretty high. But with the above photo that Azealia posted on Instagram, Ms. Banks has snatched the crown from all contenders.

But due to the color-coordinated bright yellow eyeshadow, we wonder if the "ATM Jam" rapper was actually dressed up for a pre-Halloween costume party? Like, she could be dressed up as a smiley face -- in the same way that Karen from "Mean Girls" was a mouse. (#Duh) Just a thought!

Azealia Banks is a smiley face, duh!

Photo credit: Azealia Banks' Instagram / GIF: Crazy Town Blog