Star Spotting: Is It Weird That We Wanna Frame This Photo Of Ariana Grande And Her Grandpa?

Ariana Grande and her grandpa make the cutest pair!

Ariana wishes her grandpa a happy birthday with the sweetest Instagram EVER!

While we thought that the picture of Ariana Grande where she hugs her mom after her VMA performance was the most adorable Ari family photo ever taken, we just can't contain our excitement over this Instagram post showing the "Right There" singer giving her beloved grandfather a peck on the cheek! #AWWW4Life

If all this cuteness hasn't already melted your eyeballs into a wet mess, Ariana's caption will definitely make 'em weep salty teardrops of joy: "Happy 90th birthday Grandpa, my favorite person in the whole world. I love you with all my heart." HOLD THE PHONE. Do you understand what this pic means?! OK, yes, it obviously shows that the "Baby I" singer is the nicest granddaughter ever. But it also probably means that Ariana got to eat all the birthday cake!

Fondant fantasies aside, we're definitely gonna frame and hang this photograph right next to that one of Ari and Nathan Sykes holding hands on our "Ariana Has the Most Perfect Life EVER" dedicated wall that we've been assembling in our spare time. (Is that creepy? DGAF.)

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram