Linkin Park Power Up With EDM + Hip-Hop Stars On 'Recharged,' Stream The Full Remix Album Here!

Listen to Linkin Park's "Recharged" album.

Linkin Park get their energy up on their new "Recharged" album. Hear the entire disc now!

Linkin Park has always been a band willing to stretch. Heck, dudes dropped an album with Jay Z back when Tom Ford was still designing Gucci dresses.

That said, they've been overdue for a remix set; it's been more than a decade since 2002's hip-hop-centric Reanimation. Recharged ups the energy: The 14-track disc reworks nearly every song on last year's Living Things with EDM nuclear fusion.

Listen to Linkin Park's Recharged album after the jump.

The sonic direction is clear in the band's Steve Aoki collaboration, "A Light that Never Comes," which thumps with oily bass blurts and drums as crisp as New York pizza crust. Meanwhile, KillSonik's remix of "Lost In The Echo" swerves into a dubstep drop as nasty as Chester Bennington's signature roar.

The group's hip-hop side doesn't get lost in the mix: Pusha T stops in for a verse on Vice's "I'll Be Gone" remix. "I'm stylin' on 'em/ I'm swervin' on 'em," King Push announces, before sharing the mic with Mike Shinoda.

Later, Southern rap great Bun B (you know, the guy with the coloring book) brings the trap to "Roads Untraveled," a track handled by Rad Omen.

The bangers are balanced by more textured tracks, such as Tom Swoon's remix of "Burn It Down," which layers its synths like a skyscraper, while "Castle of Glass," a remix from the band's own Shinoda, swirls with vocal effects and cosmic synth tones.

Recharged? Yup, 100 percent. Hear the full album at, and grab Recharged when it hits shelves Oct. 29.

+ Listen to Linkin Park's Recharged album.

Photo credit: James Minchin