THAT SETTLES IT! This Is John Mayer's Best Guitar Face Ever! (PHOTO)

John Mayer has broken his crazy face personal best.

John Mayer has officially broken his crazy face personal best.

In case y'all didn't know, John Mayer's face gets a li'l... er, unique when he's serenading a live audience. Though the sounds of his one-man guitar act are beyond soothing, and, like, his body is a wonderland and all that, the pained facial hurdles that the "Who You Love" singer goes through to produce such beauty are the stuff that nightmarish monstro-gasms are made of.

Good thing Mista Mayer's got his girlfriend, Katy Perry, by his side! If the lyrics to her second Prism single "Unconditionally" are any indication, she's got his back face no matter how bizarrely puddy-like it gets: "Unconditional/ Unconditionally/ I will love you unconditionally." Think she wrote that about him? #LoveGiggle

Photo credit: WENN