Kelly Clarkson + Brandon Blackstock's Wedding Video Is The Pinterest Bridal Fantasy Explosion Of Your Girliest DREAMS!

Kelly Clarkson is a married woman, y'all!

STILL SPEECHLESS! Sorry, not sorry. 

When we casually alerted you to the fact that Kelly Clarkson literally RENTED OUT ALL OF NATURE (aka Tennessee's enchanting Blackberry Farms) for her BEYOND stunning wedding to Brandon Blackstock, we weren't even a tiiiiiny bit kidding. Now, there's visual proof of the "Underneath The Tree" singer's back-to-nature-themed bridal moment, thanks to a mini-wedding video that Kelly SO KINDLY posted on Facebook late last night.

Watch Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's wedding video after the jump.

Set to the tune of Patty Griffin's "Heavenly Day," the video shows Kelly in a nonstop state of perma-smile as she's surrounded by sweeping tress, ponds, rickety wooden bridges, florals, and -- most importantly -- her smokin' hot, bearded hubby.

We know all you bridal Pinterest freaks out there are, like, majorly kvelling right now, so we urge you to stay calm, hydrate, and call your wedding planner if s*** gets too panicky! In fact, you know what might help calm those nerves? Make a "Kimye Wedding Ideas" board right this very second. Start with our handy wedding gift guide, then add some centerpiece arrangements, stemware, and bejeweled veil suggestions as you see fit!

Speaking of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you know how they're totally "NEUTRALS ONLY, PLEASE"? Well, we actually think that Kelly's sunflower-and-whatever-that-purple-flower-is-called bouquet would go beautifully with Kim's complexion. Just a li'l #ProTip from a Kimye stan!

Anyway, mazels on slaying life dead with your gorgeous wedding, Kelz! You deserve it.

+ Watch Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's wedding video.

Photo credit: Kelly Clarkson's Facebook, Archetype Studio, Inc.