Star Spotting: If Nathan Sykes Had A Sleepover With A Dog That Looks Like Ariana Grande's Ophelia... YOU DO THE MATH! (PHOTO)

Nathan Sykes had a sleepover with what looks to be Ariana Grande's pup Ophelia!

Nathan post-sleepover with (we think) Ariana's pooch Ophelia? OMG.

GUYS! Guys. There are literally SO many things happening in this photo of The Wanted's Nathan Sykes cuddling a pooch that we could write several doctoral theses on each and every one. The dog looks curiously like Ophelia, the pup of his girlfriend, Ariana Grande. But, we've only got about 200 words left, so let's break 'em down for you CliffsNotes-style, 'kay?

1.) How does the Internet -- nay, THE WORLD -- not break every time a boy-bander cuddles with a puppy? (See One Direction's "puppies and pastels" situation for reference.)

2.) Can Miley Cyrus get in on this poochie parade? You know she obvs wants to!

3.) And now for the juiciest part! The "Show Me Love" singer subtly captioned the photo "been attacked by puppies all night."

HMMMM... If our puppy-dar is on point today, then Nathiana are OFFICIALLY in the "sleepover" phase of their relationship! HUZZAH! Sure, we already assumed that this PDA power couple were engaging in some after-hours extracurricular activities -- you could cut the sexual tension in this photo with a butter knife. But, that doesn't mean we're not above feeling all smart and detective-y after deciphering this Instagram caption. #Humble #AnyCrimeByDinnerTime

Photo credit: Nathan Sykes' Instagram