Ke$ha Made A Penis Pumpkin Because Duh, She's Ke$ha (PHOTO)

Check out Ke$ha's penis-shaped jack-o-lantern.

Ke$ha's jack-o'-lantern designs are very, um, creative.

Did you really think that Ke$ha was gonna use, like, one of those pumpkin carving kits you can buy at the grocery store to design her Halloween jack-o'-lanterns? PUH-LEASE! Those lame cookie-cutter designs stunt her creativity! Plus, those kits usually don't come with stencils of penises. That's right, that middle pumpkin has a penis carved into it, because DUH.

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The "Timber" singer shared her jack-o'-lantern carvings on Instagram along with the caption, "cool guy, penis and SLAYER pumpkins. go figure." And it's like, what else do we say right now? If you were expecting Ke$ha to carve some cutesy crooked-toothed pumpkin face, then you clearly came to the wrong party and should probably go back to your G-rated event filled with apple bobbing and pinning the nose on the witch. BAI! (Um, wait, can we come with you?)

Actually, nobody should be surprised by the "My Crazy Beautiful Life" star's carving, since she's clearly obsessed with private parts. I mean, girl's gotten freaky with a ghost AND has a haunted vagina! We rest our case.

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Photo credit: @iiswhoiis