Zombie-fy Your Halloween Costume Tonight At SKATERS' MTV 'Artist To Watch' Concert, Or Stream The Show LIVE On MTV Hive At 9:45 p.m. ET!


Watch SKATERS' MTV "Artist To Watch Live" Halloween show tonight on MTV Hive!

So, two extremely exciting things are coming up: 1.) Halloween, aka your opportunity to dress like a sexy cat, a sexy pirate, or Miley Cyrus straddling a wrecking ball (among other terrifying costumes). 2.) Everyone's favorite ironically non-skating band SKATERS will be performing their very own MTV "Artist To Watch Live" show in New York City TONIGHT, Oct. 21, at 9:45 p.m. ET!

Separately, these two events are mind-numbingly exciting, but when they're combined, well, then, friends, prepare to have your brains ooze all over the floor -- and then lapped up by SKATERS because tonight's show is zombie-themed!

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That's right, in honor of the guys' new jam "Let The Heads Roll," which is about the zombie apocalypse, SKATERS are making tonight's event at the Studio at Webster Hall in New York a Halloween bash, and they're asking all attendees to dress as the undead. Hey, we'll take any opportunity to bust out the face paint -- count us in, dudes.

If you're planning on going to tonight's show, but suddenly feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear -- cease your seasonal moaning! We've got three costume selections to die for (literally) below:

1.) ZOMBIE CBGB BATHROOM: People are always complaining about the Lower East Side being dead and punk being dead and everything fun being dead -- assertions that SKATERS handily demolish by 1.) residing in the vicinity of the Lower East Side and 2.) being an awesome band.

Well, why not make the naysayers' gripes a reality by dressing yourself in the ruins of one of music's most dearly departed landmarks: the bathroom at CBGB?

That's right: What's scarier than a rock club bathroom? A rock club bathroom that was demolished a few years back and then resurrected -- stinking and decaying -- for a Hollywood film. Nothing, that's what.

GET THE LOOK: Acquire a plethora of rock stickers. Apply all over your person. Carry around a roll of toilet paper. Groan for "Bad Braaaaains!"

2.) THRILLER ZOMBIE: Apparently, the SKATERS bros chose to write a jam about zombies because, according to bassist Dan Burke: "Your average werewolf or vampire doesn't dance, usually." Consequently, when you head down to the studio tonight to take in the show, why not do so kitted out like the most famous of all dancing zombie crews: the cast of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? There's plenty o' zombies to choose from, so bring your friends!

GET THE LOOK: Any tattered article of clothing will do. It's the "Thriller" dance that's really the clincher. Spend the rest of the day learning it. Work? What's that?

3.) ZOMBIE SK8ER BOI: Whether you want to take this literally or as a reference to the Avril Lavigne song is up to you. Just make sure to forget your brain bucket, because pads and protection render this costume pretty much moot.

GET THE LOOK: Any board and brand of fake blood will do. Bonus points if you dig up the JNCOs.

Skaters' MTV "Artist To Watch Live" concert will be streaming live at 9:45 p.m. ET on MTVHive.com.

Photo credit: Peter Voelker