Star Spotting: Rihanna Flies To Greece To Take A Naked Bubble Bath Selfie, Then Presumably Jets (PHOTO)

Check out this photo of Rihanna taking a bubble bath in Greece!

Looks like Rihanna's entered her "Bathtime" period of her selfie artistry.

Has anyone so thoroughly explored the selfie medium more than Rihanna? She's taken self-portraits of herself crotch-grabbing, going topless, having breakfast in bed, and even giving some Audrey Hepburn realness. For her latest meditation on the selfie, behold: Rihanna taking a bubble bath in Greece in between her "Diamonds" World Tour stops in Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv! (Because when you're Rihanna, Greece is totally on the way between the UAE and Israel.)

The "Pour It Up" singer shared the bubbly moment on Instagram along with the emoticon, ";)" -- pretty subtle, yet says EVERYTHING! See, you may think that RiRi's innocent winky face translates to, "Yup, here I am teasing your eyes with my nakedness under these bubbles."

But perhaps the "What Now" songstress is in fact flaunting her selfie mastery, implicitly bragging that she can use a phone in the bathtub without it slipping out of her hands into the water. (Trust us, this is a skill that we have not mastered. We have a basket of waterlogged cell phones at home to prove it.)

Anyway, we're just happy to see that Ri is having a way more cheerful bath time than she did in her "Stay" video. After all, happy baths are the best baths!


Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram, GIF: T. Kyle