Cody Simpson Went To A Halloween Party Dressed As Pure Perfection (PHOTO)

Cody Simpson attending a Halloween party in Santa Monica.

Cody Simpson is too busy looking flawless to wear a Halloween costume. Duh.

No, this isn't a Cody Simpson Halloween costume some fan wore to Hub's Network First Annual Halloween Bash -- this IS Cody Simpson! We repeat: After some thorough inspection (aka starring at this pic for hours), we've authorized this image as 100 percent authentic heartthrob! #JustDoingOurJobs

Soooo now you're probably wondering why the "La Da Dee" singer, whose "The Acoustic Sessions" album drops Nov. 19, would go to a Halloween party at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif., dressed as himself. Well, the answer to that should seem pretty obvious! If you had the genes of a Greek God, would you want to cover them up with some dorky rubber mask?! WOULD YOU?!??!

Anyway, maybe Cody's just going through that whole "I'm too old to dress up for Halloween" stage in life. But if he's gotta dress up as himself, couldn't he have at least arrived as the "oiled up, shirtless beach surfer" version?? Circa his "Got Me Good" video? PLEASE?! Just something to consider for next time, Cody.

Photo credit: WENN