Lady Gaga + R. Kelly's 'Do What U Want' Cover Art Features A Bare Ass, Which Should Tell You A Lot About This NSFW Sex Jam

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly.

Gaga's new R. Kelly duet just upped Monday's sexy quotient from zero to 500 kah-jillion.

At midnight, Lady Gaga released her sexy, synth-laden R. Kelly collabo, "Do What U Want," which she had previously teased in a Best Buy commercial last week.

Now, we don't wanna be too presumptuous, but we feel pretty confident predicting that this latest ARTPOP track -- whose single cover art features Mother Monster's glorious bare ass on it -- will one day be blamed as the sole cause of a sudden, unexpected overpopulation surge in July 2014, the result of every (of-age!) adult having all the sexytimes ever after listening to the NSFW jam today. Oh no... IT HAS BEGUN!!!!

Listen to Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly after the jump.

Pending apocalypse aside, Gaga's actually infused a pretty interesting message into a song about sexual submissiveness. "You can't have my heart," she sings, "And you won't use my mind/ But do what you want with my body... You can't stop my voice/ 'Cause you don't own my life/ But do what you want with my body."

Even though the "Aura" songstress is physically giving in to R. Kelly, it's all on her own terms -- he can do what he wants with only Gaga's body, and it's only because she says so.

Singing from the dominant perspective, Kells backs up this power dynamic on his verse: "I could be the drink in your cup/ I could be the green in your blunt... You want to escape all of the crazy s***/ You're the mailman, I'm the president/ I'd love to hear you sing, girl." He's offering up his sexual prowess only if Gaga wills it, not demanding that she provide hers. Along with that "G.U.Y." snippet, we're loving these lofty-ass ARTPOP sex jams!

Mostly, though, we love how f***ing hot this song is! Academic readings aside, the fact that "Do What U Want" is the sexiest slow jam since the name Miguel first entered our fantasies pop vocabulary is undeniably the song's greatest asset. Well, after the one featured on the single cover, because #yams.

+ Listen to Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly (NSFW).

Photo credit: Interscope