Beyonce Goes BASE Jumping Off Of Auckland’s Sky Tower, Takes One Step Closer To Superwoman Status (PHOTOS)

Literally wouldn’t have batted an eye if the cable was ’shopped out.

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a mythical goddess-like being from the golden realm sent to deliver us from basic peasantry! OK, technically it’s Beyoncé taking the cable-controlled SkyJump freefall off of the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand (where she was performing on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour this past weekend), but what’s the difference?

Check out more photos of Beyoncé taking the SkyJump plunge after the jump.


Guh, if we were about to do anything even close to approximating a full-on BASE jump, even with a cable like in this photo above, we would be curled up in a ball, nervously chanting “I’m a grooooown woman, I’m a groooown woman” over and over to ourselves. But not Bey, she’s literally all smiles and magazine cover-worthy model poses mere seconds before the death-defying daredevil drop.

Wonder if she made them do the “Countdown” countdown.

And here she goes! Wow, we kind of had an inkling that the “Standing On The Sun” singer was slowly approaching superhero status — remember that Batman mask? But, literally jumping off of a tall building in a single bound? Paging Superman, your wig’s been snatched!

Photo credit: Beyoncé’s Tumblr

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