Star Spotting: Harry Styles Plays Shirtless Volleyball, Because Sometimes We Deserve Nice Things (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles plays volleyball on the Australian Gold Coast.

 For once, you're encouraged to inappropriately gawk at Harry Styles.

One Direction's Harry Styles is known for his tighter-than-a-lady's skinny jeans, perfectly worn-in leather boots, shaggy hair, and all-black-everything always, and we sometimes forget that he is also into doing straight-up "bro" things like, say, playing sports! Namely, a rousing game of (#PRAISE ALL THAT IS GOOD) shirtless volleyball on the Gold Coast, Australia, while on a rare day off from touring Brisbane, Australia.

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Wanna know what else is eye-catching about this photo? The "Best Song Ever" singer is wearing -- #AudibleGasp -- COLOR! (Literally, we think the last time that we saw Harry not decked in head-to-toe neutrals was in his "Story Of My Life" #tbt photo from his toddler days.) Then again, Harry's ever-growing collection of badass ink does remind us that deep down, Harry would probably rather be back in black, drinking a pint, and listening to Bob Dylan in a dingy pub. Primary colors ain't foolin' nobody, bb!

Harry Styles plays volleyball on the Australian Gold Coast.

Back itch?

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to play "count Harry's abs" followed by "count Harry's tats" followed by "count how many arbitrary counting games we can think up that give us an excuse to stare at Harry's shirtless bod before we start to feel really inappropriate and creepy" -- which we think will be about 12. And GO!

Photo credit: Splash News